Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap – Ebook vs Paperback



The rise in ebooks during the past few years has brought about its fair share of supporters and at the same time critics. Technology has truly revolutionized the way we live and in more ways than one, has made life a lot more convenient. Having said, ebook’s make it very easy to store and collect different books and at the same time saves paper. Although ebooks seem so much more better and stomps all over the traditional paperback, in my opinion, can still pack a punch and should not be forgotten.

Honestly speaking, nothing beats that feeling of buying a brand new book, taking it out of its plastic, laying in your bed and flipping through the first few pages. For me, that feeling will never ever get old. To be frank, I’ve actually never been a fan of reading books. It was only during the start of high school that I gained an appreciation for reading books of all kinds, and


I don’t regret one bit that I’ve started exploring and reading all types of books. I’m actually proud to say that I can be considered a book worm and I’m actually one of the few high school students in our school who actually claimed his library card and uses it.

There is nothing wrong with ebooks for they still have the same content as paperbacks and are actually very convenient, but what makes paperbacks so special is that it represents a different time and age. These days, almost everything c

an be done with laptops, computers, iPhones, iPads, etc. Almost every second, minute and hour of our lives we are exposed to these radio active materials. At times, we just need to take a break and grabbing the ol’ classic paperback may just be the best way to relax those eyes from all the radiation.

There was a time in my life where I had a hard time falling asleep and I’d just being lying there all night with such an uneasy feeling. A bit of googling here and there, and I found out that it was because of all the radiation I was exposed to before going to bed. Aside from that, another reason was that my mind was still very active from all the past activities. In order to counter this, I developed a routine of reading a few pages to a chapter of a book almost every night before going to bed. It has really helped me have a more peaceful sleep and I really suggest you try it out yourself. Aside from it helping you have a beauty sleep, you also gain all sorts of knowledge depending on the book you read. It could range from fiction novels, biographies, self-help or even sports books.


Another favorite time of mine to read paperbacks is after I’ve spent quite a time in front of my laptop. You know that very drained feeling usually accompanied by a heavy head after long hours spent in front of a laptop either watching videos for leisure or finishing up several projects. You need to unload and take a breather once in a while and what better way to do it than by grabbing a paperback.

In those two scenarios I’ve just mentioned, it would be counter productive to use an ebook for it would defeat the purpose of a reading book completely. Those are only a few but very powerful points as to why I think that one must never forget paperbacks and why they should still be appreciated.



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