Kaiser – My Multi-Talented Best Friend (My response to the Daily Prompt: Call Me Maybe)

This is my blogpost in response to the daily prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/daily-prompt-phone/

I was never really a fan of smartphones or all those fancy phones. To tell you the truth, it was just around 5 months ago when I finally replaced my ancient stone-aged phone with an Iphone and the rest is history. There were actually several reasons that really pushed me to stop being a hipster with an artifact of a phone, and succumb to modern day technology.

Prior to my realization that I needed a new phone, I was a strong believer in the fact that phone’s are just for texting and calling and the occasional “snake” game if you still remember that pretty addictive game in old school phones. Every time my dad would offer to get me a better looking phone and a smarter phone, I’d refuse and say that I didn’t need or so I thought. The day my view on this issue changed was the day I started breaking out of my shell and socializing with others more often. I realized the importance of an efficient and powerful smart phone during this day and age in staying connected and in touch with the rest of the world.

Only the strong survive and one must truly take every advantage and learn how to adapt with time. Modern day technology has brought us such a powerful tool and gadget that we might as well utilize and take advantage of. Because of this, I quickly told my dad my new perspective in life and he quickly obliged to get me a new phone. Since he actually just got an Iphone 4s but heard that an Iphone 5 was coming out in a few months, he decided to give me his one month old Iphone 4s, and it quickly became my new best friend that I never fail to check on each and everyday.



I guess it would be just right to finally baptize my phone and give him a name. This may sound a bit crazy and absurd, but why not. So of the top of my head, I name him, KAISER! Pretty bad-ass? Well, it’s just right for my side kick who almost never leaves my side. During my ups and downs and whenever I seem to need anything, my incredibly smart and multi-talented friend comes to the rescue. From text messaging and making phone calls to checking out the latest news and keeping up to date not only with sporting highlights but also with what has been going on with my friends’ lives. And then during the times I need some cheering up or some moments of relaxation or reflection, Kaiser is right there with soothing music that never fails to calm my nerves and make me walk on cloud nine. Aside from a thousand other skills of Kaiser, what I like most about him is his ability to capture ephemeral moments and help me look back at them. He truly is a jack of all trades.

Life may have been just fine before with my ancient nokia phone, but I wouldn’t want to go back to those days, for life is so much more convenient and productive with Kaiser. Although, Kaiser sometimes turns into a distraction and has gotten me 6 hours of detention already (the full story of how I got and spent the 6 hours of detention is seen here: https://doitchoco.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/my-sot-experience-how-somethings-arent-as-bad-as-they-seem/), I still love him to death for he has helped me in so many different ways already and I know that I’m only scratching the surface. As I get to know and understand Kaiser better, I will be able to unleash a thousand more of his talents and capabilities. We truly are best friends, for we help bring out the best in each other.



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