Finding the balance between over thinking and impulsiveness….

Hand in hand with my previous post about over thinking, another quote that really struck me when I read Julius Caesar was, “Cowards die many times before their deaths.”

First of all, this quote is a paradox, which is something that is impossible but somehow portrays a truth in life. For instance, people cannot die many times, for when you are dead, you are dead; But what this line applies is that people who are afraid to face life and make the most out of their life, or more commonly known as cowards, might as well be labelled dead for they aren’t doing anything about their life.

This is something that has made me realize that there are moments in our lives, where we should JUST DO IT. Nobody is perfect and we will fail time and time again, so why not just go out, explore, take risks, and live our life to the fullest.

On the contrary, sometimes, JUST DOING IT can also be the cause for tragic endings as seen in another novel of Shakespeare (that we took up in class last year), “Romeo and Juliet.” These star crossed lovers were so impulsive and were very reckless and hasty in their decisions that they ended up dying at such a tender age, side by side. Looking at it from a different perspective though, that may have been what they wanted, to die side by side.


At times, it truly is just better to go out of your way, take the risk, and don’t look back. You’ll never know how something will turn out unless you try. There will always be that big what-if in your head, so instead of thinking about what it may have been like, JUST DO IT!

PS. I am in a state of confusion right now as I am faced with several crucial decisions in this stage of my life. Honestly, I am not sure what I should I do and what path I should take, but maybe I should stop over thinking and JUST DO IT! Comments, feedback and advice would be much appreciated.



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