2013 XS Fair - XCALIBUR

2013 XS Fair – XCALIBUR

XCalibur 2013 and Shift Happens Variety Show – A Weekend to Remember (Feb 2,3 2013)

Another weekend has just flown by as quickly as it came in. Another anticipated event of this year has just come to a close, and without a doubt, it deserved all the hype it got. As I close another chapter of my life, I’d like to recall all the zealous, vibrant and awe-inspiring moments that took place this weekend during non other than our annual school fair titled, “XCALIBUR.”

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect for this year’s fair because of several different reasons. First of all, during the previous 3 years, our booth was always something related to the toy gun, Nerf. This was because one of my classmate’s father was the distributor of Hasbro so we could easily borrow Nerf equipment, especially since Nerf is such a hit when it comes to kids. The only problem with Nerf experience was that it was such a hassle picking up the bullets and having to reload the gun time and again. Aside from that, the frequent jamming of the gun and draining of the battery really made it a really troublesome job. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing seeing kids excited to load up the Nerf Gun and play in our booth, but I really didn’t get to enjoy the fair during the last few years because I was very dedicated to manning our booth and with the Nerf concept, there wasn’t much leeway and free time.

The second reason was that it was the first time in 15 years that our school would be having a DUNK booth. To top it off, it was my class that came up with the idea to revive this game, and we dubbed it, the “DUNkGEON.” Because of the fact that I am relatively new to this class, I was really excited to start a new and make the most out of this second to the last fair of mine (as a student) in Xavier School. I wasn’t expecting much, but this fair turned out to be a fair full of firsts and crazy moments.

Dunked, Floured, Slimed, Flushed - Loved Every Single Moment

Dunked, Floured, Slimed, Flushed – Loved Every Single Moment

It was only this year that I truly was able to enjoy our fair and experience how crazy and high our school fair really is. From getting dunked by my cousins, to getting floured and gooed up, and ending up having to get flushed to remove the slime that got stuck in my ear, this fair was a really crazy experience.

To top everything off, I ended up going with my friends to the variety show. My friends had to go to the variety show to meet there set-ups for prom, so I went to support them and keep them company. Even if I really didn’t want to go to the variety show, I ended up enjoying my time because of the really hilarious things we ended up doing. It’s really funny and unbelievable how we ended up going to the variety show, but we didn’t really watch the show at all. Instead of sitting down and watching a sort of boring show that happens every year, we made the most out of our time by doing something really crazy.

Feeling "Endorser/Model" of All-inBurg

Feeling “Endorser/Model” of All-inBurg

I was really feeling a bit high and conversational on that day so when I came across this burger stall called “AllInBurgh” that seemed relatively new; I immediately struck up a conversation with the people there and inquired about why they started, when they started, where were their branches and the like. I really enjoyed getting to know the perspective of these fresh out of college entrepreneurs who were trying to hopefully start out small and eventually build their way to the top. I really found their wagyu burger really tasty and satisfying especially for the cost. Because of this and the fact that I was feeling extra generous on that day, I ended up advertising their booth to every person I knew in the variety show. From garnering only a few sales when me and my friends came across their stall, a few minutes later, they were taking orders left and right and eventually sold out.

It really felt gratifying to help these young entrepreneurs advertise their product and show some support to them. With the quality and taste of their burgers, I have a feeling that last saturday won’t be the last time I’ll be hearing about their burgers. (here’s a link to their Facebook page:

Friend's reaction after tasting the wagyu burger of AllInBurg

Friend’s reaction after tasting the wagyu burger of AllInBurg

But the experience that really made my Saturday night was the moment when my friend walked up to a complete stranger and acted as if he knew her. Actually, he did think he knew her, but quite frankly, clothes and looks can be deceiving. It started off with me daring him to talk to this certain girl than he told me that he already knew this girl because they were family friends. So I told him to introduce me to this girl, but as we were eating, the girl suddenly disappeared. An hour later, we thought that we saw the girl again, so I gave my friend the look and he said, “fine, I’ll introduce you to her.” He slowly walked to this girl who was buying food and talking to her friend, and he held her from the back and said, “Hey -insert name of girl here-, long time no see.” As the girl turned around, a look of shock crossed my friend’s face as he realized that this wasn’t the “family friend” of his. My friend was shocked and devastated at what he just did especially since the girl remained silent and gave him a really puzzled and dumb-founded look. Looking back, it was a really hilarious moment especially how we saw them again and we ended up going to them and saying sorry for my friend’s “miscalculation.” My friend may have been bitter and ashamed about what he did, but I’m sure when he looks back at that night, that will be the one thing he remembers.

All those jaw-dropping things I’ve mentioned so far took place on a Saturday and I was really expecting Sunday to be just as awesome, but sad to say that it was really hard to beat everything that happened last Saturday. What I learned about going to the fair on Sundays is that expect it to be a lot less crowded and populated but at the same time, expect it to be a lot less exciting because of the fact that there aren’t much people on Sundays. To add insult to injury, more than half of my close group of friends weren’t able to make it. One had to leave really early, another acquired a fever, while another had no driver for that day. To say the least, a boring day became even more boring when I heard that these close friends of mine wouldn’t be able to make it.

What I realized from having a super duper kaduper awe-inspiring, crazy, high and phenomenal Saturday followed by a less awesome, and a bit lackluster Sunday is the importance of having friends and why they’re usually the ones who are able to make practically nothing into something. This is because I’ve come to a conclusion that when we are around our friends, our crazy and high side comes out. Our friends are usually able to bring out the best from us and are able to help us enjoy even the most shallow and simplest of things. Having a mundane Sunday really made me appreciate my friends and how they are responsible for all these memorable experiences of mine.

There were a thousand more things that happened both on saturday and sunday, but I can’t really put into words everything that happened. That is how crazy and awesome the weekend was. Aside from that, there are somethings that are better not written down for personal reasons, but nevertheless, if you sum everything up, the weekend was truly indescribable and one to be remembered, for sure!

H3A 2012- 2013 - DUNkGEON

H3A 2012- 2013 – DUNkGEON

If there’s one thing I’d like you to take away after reading this long blogpost of mine, it would have to be this one line:




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