“We All Have “Kwentos” (Filipino for Stories) to Tell”

It’s friday again, and another week has just quickly evaporated and flew by. Actually, I am really happy that this week has ended for it was really one hell of a week emotionally for me. I don’t really know why, but I just really felt sentimental about life and started really questioning myself about what life is truly about. Different scenarios, situations, memories, questions and problems started popping into my head and I was just really confused and my mind was messed up.

Like I’ve said numerous times before, I believe that everything has a reason and so I want to end this school week by writing about the things I’ve learned. The two main things I’ve learned is that first of all, “We must keep ourselves busy in order to avoid over thinking things,” and second, “We all have stories to tell.”

Yesterday was probably one of the hardest days I’ve had to go through in the past months. My head was just gonna explode and right from the beginning of the day, I was really emotional already. It was really uncharacteristic of me to be that way. I usually try to think positive and be happy, but everything was piling up and I just wanted life to slow down and give me a chance, a chance to think about what I’ve been doing in my life. I guess, yesterday was just another one of those days, where one starts to question his existence and purpose in life.

Luckily, I have friends who are there for me when I just need someone to talk to in order to forget about all the crazy things that has been happening. The problem was, my friend who I usually talk to wasn’t in such a good mood also, so instead of feeling better, I just got more emotional and felt sorry for my friend also. Although, I’m usually the one who tries to cheer people up and give words of wisdom, I was just to down yesterday to be in the right state of mind. Sometimes, I really need to learn how to listen to the advice I give others more often.

Although, my friends were not in such a good mood yesterday, one piece of advice from another friend of mine that really helped me overcome my emotional state was to find something to do and keep myself busy in order to prevent over thinking and questioning about life. After hearing that advice, I knew that she was right and that I needed to get back to just living life one day at a time and stop thinking about the past or the future. Like they say, “Live in the moment.”

Today was probably the only day, where I was back to my senses and thinking properly again. I told myself that it’s February already, a new month and a new start once again. Leave everything behind in the past months, move on and don’t commit the same mistakes again.

Because of the fact that a lot of my classmates were builders for the fair, the classroom was a bit empty, so our teachers were kinda light on us today. The lessons weren’t really that heavy and during chinese and CLE class, I got a chance to make “kwento” (tell a story) to a really close friend of mine about what has really been going on with me. Prior to this, no one really knew the full story of what I was so troubled about, and felt really relieving and gratifying to take out all those emotions and feelings by making “kwento” everything that has been really bothering me to this particular friend.

From this “kwento” session with my friend, I realized that I’m not as crazy as I thought and that what I’ve been thinking about is actually normal. Aside from this, I also realized that we all have stories to tell. Nobody is perfect and we will all have those trying times, challenging moments and surreal experiences. To say the least, that’s LIFE. At times, we don’t appreciated how blessed we are to be living such adventure filled lives. Now, I know that this is just another one of those stages of growing up and that I just have to stay strong no matter what, and keep believing that everything will turn out for the better.

I now have to hit the sack for this coming weekend will be AMAZING!! I can feel it! #ThinkPositive #LiveInTheMoment



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