The One PROMblem, Where Imperfect Can Be Perfect…..

PROM – The Surreal Moment That Brings Imperfect People Together

When I first entered high school, prom was a topic that was always out there that seemed so much like a fantasy, something unreal, an event that comes out of fairy tales. All the different stories about promposals and all the hype that the event is able to bring in really made me look forward to the time I’d be in Junior Year. Fast forward 3 years later, and here I am, prom season at its peak, just a month away, without a date.

From being the highlight of Junior Year, prom has quickly made it into the blacklist of many students out there, including me. It’s difficult not to think about it each and everyday for Prom is inching closer and closer and everyday not asking is another crucial day loss. Aside from that, everyday without a date is another day, where one has to face the constant question, “Who do you plan to ask/who are you taking to prom?” from not just friends, but also from family members.

Thousands of questions pop up in my head whenever prom is mentioned, which in the past few months, has been happening almost everyday. Questions like: What is the true meaning of Prom? What is it truly all about? Is it about dressing up with princess like gowns for girls, and suiting up for guys? Is it a passing of rights or ritual that one must go through before ending high school? and most especially, “WHO SHOULD I BRING TO PROM?”

For me, Prom is about bringing that one special friend from the opposite sex and making that person feel appreciated and loved for one magical night. The problem is, for many, this special person doesn’t exist as of yet. Most are still either still starting to opening up and getting to know people from the opposite sex or not entirely sure who they are closest with. Because of all the factors one has to take into account when choosing the perfect promdate, a lot of drama, headaches, and controversies are mixed into the equation. For instances, a not so uncommon occurrence these days is two people wanting to bring the same person, so a lot of drama happens. There’s also the fear of being rejected and turned down. Because of this, some students end up not promposing at all, and just end up being set-up by either their more popular friends or by their relatives.

In my case, I fall into category of students just starting to broaden their horizons and getting to know people from the opposite sex. For those who don’t know, it’s probably just this year that I’ve really tried to establish friendships with girls. To be frank and sincere with you guys, I’m quite a shy person when it comes to girls and it was just this year that I’ve tried to undergo a transformation, put in more effort and break out of my shell. Due to the circumstances, I’m really really confused to death as to who I should take to prom. As you know, I am quite a sentimental person, and I want this prom night to be as breath taking for me and my date as it can be.

Just recently, my friend offered to set-up me up with this girl, but I’m not truly sure whether I should take up his offer or not. I know that it’s crunch time right now for prom is only a month a way, but I really want to be able to find the right person for prom. No matter how drop-dead gorgeous the set-up may be, I just don’t think I’d enjoy prom as much compared to if I asked a friend I’ve known beforehand. I really don’t know; maybe I’m putting too much meaning into Prom, but then again, I just want to have a memorable prom.

A lot of people are agonized by the fact that their prom only happens once/twice in their lives, but that is also why according to many, prom is something that is able to transcend time and space, and bring out emotions and feelings that were always locked up inside us. Feelings of joy, happiness, a sense of achievement, appreciation and a whole lot more that we will only truly understand when we experience for ourself. This is why, no matter how much promblems, headaches and heartaches prom brings, I am no doubt, looking forward to that very special night, which for our school, falls on the 9th of March.

There are many ephemeral things in life, things that only last for a very short time. In my opinion, the amazing JOURNEY full of learning experiences, trying moments, ups and downs, simple joys, known more conventionally as high school, is one of the more consequential and ephemeral things in life. We may hate and curse everyday that we have to drag ourselves into class each and every morning, but no doubt, when it’s all said and done, we will miss going to school and all those unbelievable and mind-blowing experiences.

Trust me on this one, 10 years from now, we surely won’t remember all the equations in math, all the elements in the periodic table or all the names in history class, but what we will remember are those mystical moments that are etched to our hearts because of the mere fact that the magic in these moments is the one thing that teachers will never be able to explain to us, and without a doubt, Prom is one of these moments.

One shouldn’t expect prom to be a perfect night, but one can surely make it a moment that brings together two highly imperfect people in a perfectly surreal way that you will no doubt remember for the rest of your life. In the grand scheme of things, I’ve realized that what truly matters is what we make of the night. Like I always say, “Life is what you make it,” in other words, “PROM IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.”

No matter what other’s say, Prom itself is Junior Year, and I want to be able to take that one person who truly defines what a Junior Year it has been. No matter how imperfect this person may be, I’ll take her, as long as she’s perfect for me.



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