Why Life Doesn’t Have A Rewind Button and How Trying Times Bring Out The Best of Friends……..

Why Life Doesn’t Have A Rewind Button and How Trying Times Bring Out The Best of Friends……..


This weekend was another one of those roller coaster rides and what happened was something more of a dream. If only life had a rewind button, I’d want to experience this weekend all over again, but you know what, life doesn’t. But as you all know by now, there’s always another way to relive the magic of such awe inspiring moments, and that way is through reminiscing and writing about what an amazing weekend it has been.

The highlight of this weekend that was really a heart racing, eye opening and tear shedding experience was the Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party of a friend of mine. This party was something I was looking forward to for the entire week for I knew it would be full of firsts, and was a first itself. As you know, it’s just recently that I’ve broken out of my shell and started truly exploring what life really has to offer. To put it into perspective, it would be my first time to really go to a “party” with drinks and all, outside of family gatherings.

I really didn’t know what to expect and quite frankly, everything that happened is still sinking in. To start-off, me and my friends were actually really early, which was obviously a first, for I usually don’t arrive 30 minutes before the said time. Arriving early, actually gave me and my friends a chance to explore the place, since it was also our first time to go there. It was not until an hour and half later when the people really started coming in and the magical night began.

I got my first taste of cocktails which had around 5-10% of alcohol which wasn’t too bad, but nothing special either. Although my friends were telling me to try the “shots” which had around 40% of alcohol but I didn’t think it was worth it and I didn’t want to take the risk especially since it was my first time. After seeing what happened to some people who did take the higher concentrated ones, I think I made the right decision not to. Getting drunk or even tipsy is something I don’t plan on experiencing in the the near future. I just don’t understand why people have to drink those kinds of stuff. Is it to feel high? Is it because they don’t want to be KJ (kill joy)? Is it because they just want to be “cool”? Is it because of peer pressure? Is it because they want to get tipsy and be able to express their feelings? Is it because they want to get drunk and forget all their problems? I really wouldn’t know for sure, but what I know is, there are many other safer solutions and options to everything I just stated, but then again, who am I to tell others how to live.

I guess everything in moderation is still key, but what moderation is differs from person to person. One can have a high tolerance to something, while another person can be allergic and just a little can trigger a reaction. We are all different and only you can tell what your limits are.

It’s funny how in life, experience is still the best teacher. We never really listen or fully believe what other people say without experiencing it first-hand. It’s just different to actually go through it yourself, and be able to say for yourself that I did it, but at times, one must know his/her limits. We are still human beings, and we all have limitations. We only live once, and life is too precious to just throw away doing something stupid and senseless.

Nevertheless, the saying “What doesn’t break you, only makes you stronger,” is also very much true. We are only human, and we will make stupid decisions that may put our lives in danger, but I’d like to believe that God has a plan and everything still happens for a reason, we just have to find the silver lining in things. No doubt, after everything that happened yesterday and how things turned out, I now believe in miracles!

Each and every person in this world has something that they regret doing. Nobody is perfect and we will make mistakes, but that’s what makes life exciting. We will make wrong and stupid decisions, but instead of regretting about something that can’t be changed, we should just learn from the past, and move on.

Another thing I learned during that party is that when you’ve shared a bond with a person before, even if you hate him/her at the moment, life has a way of reconciling the two of you. There will be a time when you’ll need each other and this is something that I was proud to witness. It really is amazing how tough times truly bring out the best in friends for you are able to see who is there for you even during the shittiest of times and even when you are at your lowest. This is the case even for friends who aren’t in such good terms for during trying times, your true self comes out and you put aside all your disputes and possible hate for each other. The feelings one has for a person will always be there, and no matter one might say, deep down, he/she still cares.

Attending this sweet sixteen most of all made me realize how fast time really does fly by. It was only just like yesterday when I was still locked up in my room playing with my toys and not giving a damn about the world. A few years later and I’m hanging out with friends and just enjoying the little things. No doubt, this party was truly special in so many different ways. Aside from the many firsts and the fact that I was able to spend time with friends, I was also able to see how life can be harsh but at the same time, teach you how to appreciate the little things for we truly only live once.

I will never truly understand life, and how things work, but you know what, I’m not gonna let that stop me from enjoying each and every day I’m given.

I’m just truly thankful to God for all the blessings I’ve received throughout my life, especially for friends who make life mean so much more. To end this post, I’d just like to thank the birthday girl, Kristel, for a truly mind-blowing and memorable partayy. Happy 16th Birthday! Stay High, and keep enjoying every day, week, month and year of your life. 🙂

As I end this blog post, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe life is better off not having a rewind button. If life had a rewind button, we’d be too caught up in the past and trying to change our destiny. Things happen for a reason and there are some unwanted things that will happen to send us a message about life. We just have to dig down and find this message. Aside from this, with a rewind button, magical moments like these wouldn’t be as special anymore for we could keep doing it over and over again. Moments like these are special for they only happen once (for instance, a person only turns 16 once in his/her life), and so we end up treasuring it for the rest of our life.

This weekend has truly been incredible, and it’s time to close another chapter in my life, and look forward to hopefully, many more magical moments.




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