My SOT Experience – How somethings aren’t as bad as they seem…

It’s another wonderful saturday morning and here I am spending my time rotting in detention. It’s a really hilarious story how I ended up having 2 saturday overtimes worth 3 hours of detention each.

With my new outlook in life, everything has a deeper meaning and even something as forlorn and dull as detention is worth writing about. Quite honestly, detention is an experience all by itself.

Before we talk about my bizarre experience in detention, let me explain to you how a relatively good and behaved boy ended up in detention.

If I can remember correctly, a unusually tragical school day took place during the 14th of December. The 3rd quarter was already coming to a close and we going through the last few school days for the year 2012. I was actually quite upbeat and ready to go through that final stretch when lightning struck and that day will probably always be stuck in my mind for reasons that didn’t seem so pleasing at that time.

It was during our first subject when everything seemed okay and it felt as though it would just be another one of those mundane and routine school days especially since we were starting the day with one of the more mechanical subjects in math; but I guess I was wrong for something out of the blue occurred towards the end of the period. While we were all focused and answering a Long Test, a weird ring tone like sound was heard. As you know , when it is test time, it is usually very silent and every single tick and tock is easily heard and noticed. Sadly, our math teacher wasn’t in such a good mood that day and she couldn’t accept that there was a cellphone like tone that went off.

Just to make it clear, in our school, we aren’t allowed to bring cellphones to school something I cannot comprehend especially during this day and age where technology has exploded. It’s really absurd how we’re required to bring either macbooks or Ipads which are way more powerful devices, but we are forbidden to bring cellphones to class. The funny thing is more than half the population of highschool brings phones to school. It’s really quite difficult not to bring cellphones especially for those with extra-curricular activities that finish past 6 pm already. Like they say, “Rules are meant to be broken.”

I was really feeling anxious and uptight the moment she mentioned that she heard a cell phone tone especially since I was so focused answering the test that I didn’t hear the sound. I was scared of the possibility that our teacher would rat us out and hold an inspection for I actually just started bringing a cellphone to school during that month because there were several instances when I was fetched really really late after basketball practice. My biggest fear came true and she went ahead and called for an inspection since nobody wanted to admit who’s phone it was or it could’ve possibly came from a laptop, but to this day, we aren’t quite sure who’s phone it really was.

The inspection was held and everyone who had a cellphone with them was terrified. There were a thousand things actually going on in my mind during that time. I wasn’t sure whether I’d take the chance, hide my phone and pray that it wouldn’t be found or just surrender it to the prefect and take a lesser sanction. I was obviously not in my senses and right mind anymore so I ended up making a really rash and hasty decision. I felt risky and remembered having a conversation with my dad that I should take chances but looking back, what I did was really, for lack of a better word, stupid. I listened to the advice of my friend who obviously had no experience hiding cellphones and hid it in the window, which I found out was a usual hiding place that the prefects routinely checked already. In other words, I got caught and regretted hiding my cellphone in the window out of all the other places that I could’ve hid it. I felt like a bonehead for the rest of the day but I guess it was just another one of those experiences that I can learn from.

At first, I was actually very pissed at both our math teacher and the dumb-ass of a person who didn’t silent his phone before going to class, but now, looking back, I just laugh at what happened. It’s actually a very interesting story that I like to tell to both old and new friends alike.

I ended up getting 2 SOTs; first, for bringing a cellphone and second, for not surrenderring it and hiding it instead. I was kinda bummed that I’d have to wake up early on two saturdays and spend my morning in detention, but little did I know, these two SOTs would actually be really good experiences and memorable ones at.

During my first saturday over time, I really didn’t know what to expect for it was my first time, something like an inauguration. When I got to the prefect’s office, the atmosphere was actually quite chill and the prefect was even surprised that I was there. The prefect handling it was really very cool and lax. He gave us our tasks and even told us to take our time especially since we would be there for 3 hours. Our task for that day was too pull out the lockers, clean up and sweep. Luckily, I also had friends who got caught with their phones and also serving their detention. Doing tedious work becomes bearable when you’re with friends for they lighten up the atmosphere and make things interesting. The saturday overtime turned into a kwentuhan (filipino term for storytelling) session and laugh trip. Aside from that, we even had a push-up contest and were able to workout. All in all, my first SOT wasn’t so bad for I actually enjoyed pulling and pushing the lockers, doing push-ups, catching up with friends and just flat out laughing at my crazy friend’s impersonations of or teachers. Before I knew it, the 3 hours had past and I had just completed my first SOT, one more to go.

Ready to hear some more and what took place in my second SOT? Well, going into my second SOT, I was expecting that it would be something similar to my first, but it was actually completely different. We were tasked to just sit down and make parents sign for there were family interviews. I wanted to do something more energizing and physical, but I told myself, got to be open to the experience and make the most out of my 3 hours. Since our task this time was not as tedious, I thought, why not do something productive. So guess what I thought of doing? Drumroll please….. I ended up…….. Writing this blog post.

Like I always say, life is what you make it and look how time flies, my 3 hours are almost up and we’ll have to report to the prefect soon; so there you have it, my SOT experience, and why some things aren’t as bad as they seem.



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