My Quote Fetish (The Reason Quotes Turn Me On)

I have always been fascinated by quotes by both famous people and even not so famous people. Quotes are able to sum up different life lessons, truths and themes into a few words that one can easily remember. Reading quotes has become a hobby of mine especially during times when I am confused and dumbfounded about life. Quotes have a way of helping us fathom the perplexity of life. From inspiring us to keep fighting to sparking a light deep down in our hearts, quotes, especially the good ones, are able to transcend our lives and blow us away.

Throughout the years, I’ve gained an unusual fetish for famous quotes and whenever I hear or read quotes/quotable lines, I feel very vibrant and alive. In other words, it’s as if a switch inside me is turned on and I am ready to face the different challenges in my life.

There are a thousand different quotes out there in the world and even you can come up with your own, but what separates the quotes that are able to impact lives to the quotes that are just shunned into the corner, is the ability of the quote to engage the reader and reach unchartered territory of humans, their heart and the feelings that are clasped deep down.

This series/segment of blog posts will contain write-ups regarding different quotes and lines that may come from famous people, movies, books, friends or even maybe an original quote/s from me that are worth mentioning and sharing to the world.  I will share why it was able to reach my inner feelings, and what it made me realize. This is something that I am doing not only for myself but also for the people out there who needs inspiration. Honestly, what better way to be inspired than by getting your quote-fix for the day by reading my posts in this segment.

It truly is mind-boggling how a few words put together can change our entire perspective about life but I’m not shocked anymore about the impact quotes are able to generate for like they say, “Great things come in small packages.”



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