Another Day, Another Chance, Another Memory – Day 2 of My Journey Through The BLOGOSPHERE

Another Day, Another Chance, Another Memory – Day 2 of My Journey Through The BLOGOSPHERE

January 24, 2013 = My Second Post in this Blog. Accomplishment Unlocked! Living life one day and one blog post at a time.

Recently, before I actually started this blog, I dug up a bit and used the ever so reliable search engine, Google, to find out the basics about blogging. Quite interestingly, I read how thousands of bloggers have tried to climb and conquer the “blogosphere,” only to bow down as quick as they started and see all their zealousness in the start go down the drain. They started with such zest and enthusiasm (just like what I’m feeling right now) only to hit a stone wall after a few days, weeks or months. Well, I’m not part of that thousands, I’m an outlier, who plans to capture every worth talking about moment in my life and every thought provoking idea or better yet, every mind blowing ideology I come up with by engraving it into this blog.

Why do I seem so ebullient about this blog? Well, you can call me weird or crazy, but when I finished writing my first blog post, I felt so empowered, as if I just accomplished an amazing feat. Believe it or not, but that’s actually an understatement of how I felt, especially when just a while ago, I saw that two viewers actually liked my post. I don’t know how the human brain functions and I’m not really good in psychology, but I definitely felt a spark of joy when I saw that somebody actually read and appreciated my first blog post.

Besides what I’ve already previously mentioned, another reason I plan to write as frequently as I can is that, so many different things have been happening in my life right now, may it be good or bad. I want to use this blog as an outlet of mine to be able to express my thoughts and feelings regarding these things. Aside from that, I know how small the world can be especially during this day and age, and it’s highly probable that someone out there has or had a similar situation. With the rise of social networking sites like twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, and other sites, it is a breeze to stay connected with  friends. It’s as simple as clicking a button, which I’m sure even toddlers can do.

This may seem shallow to some but being able to write something, even a 100 word essay maybe each and everyday makes me feel that my day is complete and makes me feel as though I was actually able to make something out of the day. Each and everyday is a blessing and an opportunity to develop and grow as a person. These blog posts may not seem like much right now, but I know, in the near future, when I look back, these posts will be priceless to me.

I truly want to make the most out of my life and I know that writing in this blog about even the simplest of things will help me appreciate even the most minute detail of such a wonderful gift, the gift of life. I could go on and on about a thousand more reasons as to why I’m writing on this blog, but I would probably reach the word limit (if there is one) or bore you readers to death or maybe get you too emotional that you wouldn’t come back to my blog. Actually, those aren’t the real reasons why I’m signing off even if I still want to write about a million other things. The truth is, I am your typical, but not so ordinary student, so I have a life to live to, but don’t fret, I will be back and look out for my future posts that will surely go deeper than the surface.




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