A Not So Ordinary Day – “Life Is What You Make It.”

January 23, 2013, just another ordinary day in my life, this is if I chose to make it that way, but you know what, I’ve had enough. I’ve been playing the waiting game for too long. It’s time for a change, and a time to bring into life something I’ve always wanted to do since last year but never really had the guts to. This something is none other than starting a personal blog, where I can express what I feel and talk about anything and everything.

You may ask, Why today? Why not yesterday? Why not tomorrow? My answer, well, it’s fate I guess that I start my blog today, January 23, 2013. I just have this unexplainable feeling right now, and I’ve decided that there’s no better way to unleash the fury and lash out all the energy inside than by starting the blog that I promised myself I would this 2013.

It has been around 3-4 years when I first dwelled upon the term “blog.” I was quite intrigued by this alien word to me (at that time). If you asked me three years ago, whether I’d ever make a blog outside of school purposes, well, I’d probably, with no hesitation whatsoever, answer, “HELL NO!! NOT IN A THOUSAND YEARS!” But here we are, what can I say, feelings and emotions really do change as time flies by.

It’s actually quite baffling how someone a few years removed from dreading reading and writing would start his own blog out of his own free will. It’s a pretty crazy and perplexing story how I end up writing this first blog post, but you know what, I’m a firm believer in fate and the fact that everything truly does have a reason.

It was just this year (2013), when I got into a conversation with one of the battiest and craziest (in a good way) friends I’ve ever had for this friend was able to make me reflect and think deeply of things I’d never really think of and make me do things I previously thought I’d never ever do (like starting a blog). During that day, this person made me look back at the past years and everything I’ve done and accomplished so far in my life. Interestingly, one thing I came across as I walked down memory lane was my grade 7 English GEMS experience. It was in that class, where I learned how to explore and go past boundaries. It is where I also created my first ever video blog about …..DRUMROLL please….. “BLOGGING” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trEsw8mYAwk). Looking back, I just laugh at myself and how “totoy” (filipino term for childish) I looked. In a more serious note, it’s very astonishing how the stars align and how things work out. Here I am, 3 years after reporting about blogging, starting my own personal blog.

More importantly, looking back and reminiscing about the past made me realized how valuable projects like my video blog are and how watching these videos (or reading those previous essays I made 3-4 years ago) alleviate those emotional downs one occasionally goes through. It gives you a sense of being, and makes you feel consequential. Personally, I just couldn’t help but smile when I watched that video after all these years (3 years is still 3 years you know).

Time really does fly by. It seemed just like yesterday when I was stressing upon this video blog I had to make. It’s mind-boggling how a simple video blog can make me feel so sentimental about life and all the other awe-inspiring experiences I’ve had. In a perfect world, I’d probably have pictures for every moment, or even better yet, a video blog of my entire life, from the day I was born. Too bad though, we don’t live in a perfect world, but like I always say, “LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.”  If there’s a will, there’s a way, and I’ve come to a conclusion that the second best thing would be to start a blog. There’s no better tool than the pen and I know writing about every life-changing experience I have will preserve those ephemeral moments that I once hoped would last forever.

This is hopefully just the start of more great things to come this 2013!

And yes, January 23, 2013, won’t be such an ordinary day anymore. 😀

“Life is what you make it.”



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