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Through thick and thin, through joy and sorrow, FRIENDS!

I have really been feeling sentimental, emotional and just crazy the past few days. There are many different things that are confusing me right now about life. The only thing keeping me sane right now is the fact that I believe everything has a reason, and that if its not okay, that means it is not the end. Now, I realize the importance of having a group of friends who are there for you during good times and bad, through thick and thin. This is a luxury that I did not have the past year because of the fact that I really alienated myself from others last year. No doubt, I have changed, hopefully for the better.

It was only a few months ago, when I met friends who I felt would be friends I could trust no matter what. It seemed just like yesterday when I really got to know these group of classmates who were never really close to me to begin with. Fast forward 5 months later, and we’re a group of crazy people who are just trying to explore life and simply enjoy every moment. Having friends you can talk to about practically anything without being judged is very very essential especially during times when we are emotional and easily swayed by our feelings. They truly help keep you sane and make you appreciate the little things in life. I am truly thankful to God that I have these friends who I can share both my joys and sorrows with.

“In good times and bad times, I’ll be on your side for ever more…that’s what friends are for.”



The One PROMblem, Where Imperfect Can Be Perfect…..

PROM – The Surreal Moment That Brings Imperfect People Together

When I first entered high school, prom was a topic that was always out there that seemed so much like a fantasy, something unreal, an event that comes out of fairy tales. All the different stories about promposals and all the hype that the event is able to bring in really made me look forward to the time I’d be in Junior Year. Fast forward 3 years later, and here I am, prom season at its peak, just a month away, without a date.

From being the highlight of Junior Year, prom has quickly made it into the blacklist of many students out there, including me. It’s difficult not to think about it each and everyday for Prom is inching closer and closer and everyday not asking is another crucial day loss. Aside from that, everyday without a date is another day, where one has to face the constant question, “Who do you plan to ask/who are you taking to prom?” from not just friends, but also from family members.

Thousands of questions pop up in my head whenever prom is mentioned, which in the past few months, has been happening almost everyday. Questions like: What is the true meaning of Prom? What is it truly all about? Is it about dressing up with princess like gowns for girls, and suiting up for guys? Is it a passing of rights or ritual that one must go through before ending high school? and most especially, “WHO SHOULD I BRING TO PROM?”

For me, Prom is about bringing that one special friend from the opposite sex and making that person feel appreciated and loved for one magical night. The problem is, for many, this special person doesn’t exist as of yet. Most are still either still starting to opening up and getting to know people from the opposite sex or not entirely sure who they are closest with. Because of all the factors one has to take into account when choosing the perfect promdate, a lot of drama, headaches, and controversies are mixed into the equation. For instances, a not so uncommon occurrence these days is two people wanting to bring the same person, so a lot of drama happens. There’s also the fear of being rejected and turned down. Because of this, some students end up not promposing at all, and just end up being set-up by either their more popular friends or by their relatives.

In my case, I fall into category of students just starting to broaden their horizons and getting to know people from the opposite sex. For those who don’t know, it’s probably just this year that I’ve really tried to establish friendships with girls. To be frank and sincere with you guys, I’m quite a shy person when it comes to girls and it was just this year that I’ve tried to undergo a transformation, put in more effort and break out of my shell. Due to the circumstances, I’m really really confused to death as to who I should take to prom. As you know, I am quite a sentimental person, and I want this prom night to be as breath taking for me and my date as it can be.

Just recently, my friend offered to set-up me up with this girl, but I’m not truly sure whether I should take up his offer or not. I know that it’s crunch time right now for prom is only a month a way, but I really want to be able to find the right person for prom. No matter how drop-dead gorgeous the set-up may be, I just don’t think I’d enjoy prom as much compared to if I asked a friend I’ve known beforehand. I really don’t know; maybe I’m putting too much meaning into Prom, but then again, I just want to have a memorable prom.

A lot of people are agonized by the fact that their prom only happens once/twice in their lives, but that is also why according to many, prom is something that is able to transcend time and space, and bring out emotions and feelings that were always locked up inside us. Feelings of joy, happiness, a sense of achievement, appreciation and a whole lot more that we will only truly understand when we experience for ourself. This is why, no matter how much promblems, headaches and heartaches prom brings, I am no doubt, looking forward to that very special night, which for our school, falls on the 9th of March.

There are many ephemeral things in life, things that only last for a very short time. In my opinion, the amazing JOURNEY full of learning experiences, trying moments, ups and downs, simple joys, known more conventionally as high school, is one of the more consequential and ephemeral things in life. We may hate and curse everyday that we have to drag ourselves into class each and every morning, but no doubt, when it’s all said and done, we will miss going to school and all those unbelievable and mind-blowing experiences.

Trust me on this one, 10 years from now, we surely won’t remember all the equations in math, all the elements in the periodic table or all the names in history class, but what we will remember are those mystical moments that are etched to our hearts because of the mere fact that the magic in these moments is the one thing that teachers will never be able to explain to us, and without a doubt, Prom is one of these moments.

One shouldn’t expect prom to be a perfect night, but one can surely make it a moment that brings together two highly imperfect people in a perfectly surreal way that you will no doubt remember for the rest of your life. In the grand scheme of things, I’ve realized that what truly matters is what we make of the night. Like I always say, “Life is what you make it,” in other words, “PROM IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.”

No matter what other’s say, Prom itself is Junior Year, and I want to be able to take that one person who truly defines what a Junior Year it has been. No matter how imperfect this person may be, I’ll take her, as long as she’s perfect for me.


Why Life Doesn’t Have A Rewind Button and How Trying Times Bring Out The Best of Friends……..

Why Life Doesn’t Have A Rewind Button and How Trying Times Bring Out The Best of Friends……..


This weekend was another one of those roller coaster rides and what happened was something more of a dream. If only life had a rewind button, I’d want to experience this weekend all over again, but you know what, life doesn’t. But as you all know by now, there’s always another way to relive the magic of such awe inspiring moments, and that way is through reminiscing and writing about what an amazing weekend it has been.

The highlight of this weekend that was really a heart racing, eye opening and tear shedding experience was the Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party of a friend of mine. This party was something I was looking forward to for the entire week for I knew it would be full of firsts, and was a first itself. As you know, it’s just recently that I’ve broken out of my shell and started truly exploring what life really has to offer. To put it into perspective, it would be my first time to really go to a “party” with drinks and all, outside of family gatherings.

I really didn’t know what to expect and quite frankly, everything that happened is still sinking in. To start-off, me and my friends were actually really early, which was obviously a first, for I usually don’t arrive 30 minutes before the said time. Arriving early, actually gave me and my friends a chance to explore the place, since it was also our first time to go there. It was not until an hour and half later when the people really started coming in and the magical night began.

I got my first taste of cocktails which had around 5-10% of alcohol which wasn’t too bad, but nothing special either. Although my friends were telling me to try the “shots” which had around 40% of alcohol but I didn’t think it was worth it and I didn’t want to take the risk especially since it was my first time. After seeing what happened to some people who did take the higher concentrated ones, I think I made the right decision not to. Getting drunk or even tipsy is something I don’t plan on experiencing in the the near future. I just don’t understand why people have to drink those kinds of stuff. Is it to feel high? Is it because they don’t want to be KJ (kill joy)? Is it because they just want to be “cool”? Is it because of peer pressure? Is it because they want to get tipsy and be able to express their feelings? Is it because they want to get drunk and forget all their problems? I really wouldn’t know for sure, but what I know is, there are many other safer solutions and options to everything I just stated, but then again, who am I to tell others how to live.

I guess everything in moderation is still key, but what moderation is differs from person to person. One can have a high tolerance to something, while another person can be allergic and just a little can trigger a reaction. We are all different and only you can tell what your limits are.

It’s funny how in life, experience is still the best teacher. We never really listen or fully believe what other people say without experiencing it first-hand. It’s just different to actually go through it yourself, and be able to say for yourself that I did it, but at times, one must know his/her limits. We are still human beings, and we all have limitations. We only live once, and life is too precious to just throw away doing something stupid and senseless.

Nevertheless, the saying “What doesn’t break you, only makes you stronger,” is also very much true. We are only human, and we will make stupid decisions that may put our lives in danger, but I’d like to believe that God has a plan and everything still happens for a reason, we just have to find the silver lining in things. No doubt, after everything that happened yesterday and how things turned out, I now believe in miracles!

Each and every person in this world has something that they regret doing. Nobody is perfect and we will make mistakes, but that’s what makes life exciting. We will make wrong and stupid decisions, but instead of regretting about something that can’t be changed, we should just learn from the past, and move on.

Another thing I learned during that party is that when you’ve shared a bond with a person before, even if you hate him/her at the moment, life has a way of reconciling the two of you. There will be a time when you’ll need each other and this is something that I was proud to witness. It really is amazing how tough times truly bring out the best in friends for you are able to see who is there for you even during the shittiest of times and even when you are at your lowest. This is the case even for friends who aren’t in such good terms for during trying times, your true self comes out and you put aside all your disputes and possible hate for each other. The feelings one has for a person will always be there, and no matter one might say, deep down, he/she still cares.

Attending this sweet sixteen most of all made me realize how fast time really does fly by. It was only just like yesterday when I was still locked up in my room playing with my toys and not giving a damn about the world. A few years later and I’m hanging out with friends and just enjoying the little things. No doubt, this party was truly special in so many different ways. Aside from the many firsts and the fact that I was able to spend time with friends, I was also able to see how life can be harsh but at the same time, teach you how to appreciate the little things for we truly only live once.

I will never truly understand life, and how things work, but you know what, I’m not gonna let that stop me from enjoying each and every day I’m given.

I’m just truly thankful to God for all the blessings I’ve received throughout my life, especially for friends who make life mean so much more. To end this post, I’d just like to thank the birthday girl, Kristel, for a truly mind-blowing and memorable partayy. Happy 16th Birthday! Stay High, and keep enjoying every day, week, month and year of your life. 🙂

As I end this blog post, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe life is better off not having a rewind button. If life had a rewind button, we’d be too caught up in the past and trying to change our destiny. Things happen for a reason and there are some unwanted things that will happen to send us a message about life. We just have to dig down and find this message. Aside from this, with a rewind button, magical moments like these wouldn’t be as special anymore for we could keep doing it over and over again. Moments like these are special for they only happen once (for instance, a person only turns 16 once in his/her life), and so we end up treasuring it for the rest of our life.

This weekend has truly been incredible, and it’s time to close another chapter in my life, and look forward to hopefully, many more magical moments.



My SOT Experience – How somethings aren’t as bad as they seem…

It’s another wonderful saturday morning and here I am spending my time rotting in detention. It’s a really hilarious story how I ended up having 2 saturday overtimes worth 3 hours of detention each.

With my new outlook in life, everything has a deeper meaning and even something as forlorn and dull as detention is worth writing about. Quite honestly, detention is an experience all by itself.

Before we talk about my bizarre experience in detention, let me explain to you how a relatively good and behaved boy ended up in detention.

If I can remember correctly, a unusually tragical school day took place during the 14th of December. The 3rd quarter was already coming to a close and we going through the last few school days for the year 2012. I was actually quite upbeat and ready to go through that final stretch when lightning struck and that day will probably always be stuck in my mind for reasons that didn’t seem so pleasing at that time.

It was during our first subject when everything seemed okay and it felt as though it would just be another one of those mundane and routine school days especially since we were starting the day with one of the more mechanical subjects in math; but I guess I was wrong for something out of the blue occurred towards the end of the period. While we were all focused and answering a Long Test, a weird ring tone like sound was heard. As you know , when it is test time, it is usually very silent and every single tick and tock is easily heard and noticed. Sadly, our math teacher wasn’t in such a good mood that day and she couldn’t accept that there was a cellphone like tone that went off.

Just to make it clear, in our school, we aren’t allowed to bring cellphones to school something I cannot comprehend especially during this day and age where technology has exploded. It’s really absurd how we’re required to bring either macbooks or Ipads which are way more powerful devices, but we are forbidden to bring cellphones to class. The funny thing is more than half the population of highschool brings phones to school. It’s really quite difficult not to bring cellphones especially for those with extra-curricular activities that finish past 6 pm already. Like they say, “Rules are meant to be broken.”

I was really feeling anxious and uptight the moment she mentioned that she heard a cell phone tone especially since I was so focused answering the test that I didn’t hear the sound. I was scared of the possibility that our teacher would rat us out and hold an inspection for I actually just started bringing a cellphone to school during that month because there were several instances when I was fetched really really late after basketball practice. My biggest fear came true and she went ahead and called for an inspection since nobody wanted to admit who’s phone it was or it could’ve possibly came from a laptop, but to this day, we aren’t quite sure who’s phone it really was.

The inspection was held and everyone who had a cellphone with them was terrified. There were a thousand things actually going on in my mind during that time. I wasn’t sure whether I’d take the chance, hide my phone and pray that it wouldn’t be found or just surrender it to the prefect and take a lesser sanction. I was obviously not in my senses and right mind anymore so I ended up making a really rash and hasty decision. I felt risky and remembered having a conversation with my dad that I should take chances but looking back, what I did was really, for lack of a better word, stupid. I listened to the advice of my friend who obviously had no experience hiding cellphones and hid it in the window, which I found out was a usual hiding place that the prefects routinely checked already. In other words, I got caught and regretted hiding my cellphone in the window out of all the other places that I could’ve hid it. I felt like a bonehead for the rest of the day but I guess it was just another one of those experiences that I can learn from.

At first, I was actually very pissed at both our math teacher and the dumb-ass of a person who didn’t silent his phone before going to class, but now, looking back, I just laugh at what happened. It’s actually a very interesting story that I like to tell to both old and new friends alike.

I ended up getting 2 SOTs; first, for bringing a cellphone and second, for not surrenderring it and hiding it instead. I was kinda bummed that I’d have to wake up early on two saturdays and spend my morning in detention, but little did I know, these two SOTs would actually be really good experiences and memorable ones at.

During my first saturday over time, I really didn’t know what to expect for it was my first time, something like an inauguration. When I got to the prefect’s office, the atmosphere was actually quite chill and the prefect was even surprised that I was there. The prefect handling it was really very cool and lax. He gave us our tasks and even told us to take our time especially since we would be there for 3 hours. Our task for that day was too pull out the lockers, clean up and sweep. Luckily, I also had friends who got caught with their phones and also serving their detention. Doing tedious work becomes bearable when you’re with friends for they lighten up the atmosphere and make things interesting. The saturday overtime turned into a kwentuhan (filipino term for storytelling) session and laugh trip. Aside from that, we even had a push-up contest and were able to workout. All in all, my first SOT wasn’t so bad for I actually enjoyed pulling and pushing the lockers, doing push-ups, catching up with friends and just flat out laughing at my crazy friend’s impersonations of or teachers. Before I knew it, the 3 hours had past and I had just completed my first SOT, one more to go.

Ready to hear some more and what took place in my second SOT? Well, going into my second SOT, I was expecting that it would be something similar to my first, but it was actually completely different. We were tasked to just sit down and make parents sign for there were family interviews. I wanted to do something more energizing and physical, but I told myself, got to be open to the experience and make the most out of my 3 hours. Since our task this time was not as tedious, I thought, why not do something productive. So guess what I thought of doing? Drumroll please….. I ended up…….. Writing this blog post.

Like I always say, life is what you make it and look how time flies, my 3 hours are almost up and we’ll have to report to the prefect soon; so there you have it, my SOT experience, and why some things aren’t as bad as they seem.


The Peaceful Shore We’ve All Been Looking For

The school week has finally ended and it’s friday again, and I’d like to share two quotes that I came across this past week that really caught my attention. These two quotes come from two very different books written in completely different languages.

The first quote is from the classical book “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare (a book we are currently tackling in English Class):

"Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare

“Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare

“Men at some time are masters of their fate. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.

Given the timing of me starting my own blog and making a resolution to stop passing on opportunities, this quote was something I could really relate to. We are who we want to be. We can become who we want to become as long as we do what it takes. We are given thousands and thousands and opportunities and choices, and the decision always falls into our hands. Based on what we choose, our life changes accordingly. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as destiny, for we are responsible for our future.

We are who we are today because of everything we’ve done in the past. I remember what my Filipino Teacher told us when we were tackling the different problems in society, “It doesn’t mean you were born poor, you’ll die poor.” Too many people these days are wallflowers who are afraid to do something about their lives. People complain left and right, blame different people, not knowing that ranting and feeling sorry won’t help them. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that everyone will be the next rags-to-riches story, but one must never lose hope. It’s about fighting your hardest and enduring the pain even during the hardest of times.

Hand in hand with the previous quote above from Julius Caesar, another remarkable quote that really caught my eye during this week was from, “Dekada 70” by Lualhati Bautista, another must read book that we tackled just recently in our Filipino class.

"Dekada 70" by Lualhati Bautista

“Dekada 70” by Lualhati Bautista

This particular quote reinforces the previous quote about getting what you deserve and how life just gives us what we work for.

“Ang payapang pampang ay para lang sa mga pangahas na sasalnga sa alimpuyo ng mga alon sa panahon ng unos.” (in english, “The peaceful shores are only for those daring enough to put up with the whirlpool by the waves during times of storms/typhoons.”)

This quote is so true and really shoves into our faces the reality of life; the fact that life is harsh, and only the strong will survive. Those who are willing to go the extra mile; those who are willing to fight for what they believe in no matter the odds or circumstance; those who are willing to stick it out even the most difficult of times; those who won’t quit just because they don’t get what they want; They’re the only ones, who’ll be able to make it to the peaceful shores. They’ll be the ones standing on top and achieving their goals and dreams. And when they’re standing on top of the mountain they just conquered, ask them if it was worth it. Without a doubt, I’m sure they’ll look you straight into the eye and tell you that every blood, sweat and tear it took them to get to the peak were all worth it.

How far are you willing to go to reach the Peaceful Shore?

How far are you willing to go to reach the Peaceful Shore?

Life is the hardest battle one has to face for it is a showdown between you and yourself. Who’ll come up victorious can only be decided by one person, and that person is YOU! When the going gets tough, don’t be afraid; don’t fret for it’s just another storm you’ll have to put up if you want to see the peaceful shore!


My Quote Fetish (The Reason Quotes Turn Me On)

I have always been fascinated by quotes by both famous people and even not so famous people. Quotes are able to sum up different life lessons, truths and themes into a few words that one can easily remember. Reading quotes has become a hobby of mine especially during times when I am confused and dumbfounded about life. Quotes have a way of helping us fathom the perplexity of life. From inspiring us to keep fighting to sparking a light deep down in our hearts, quotes, especially the good ones, are able to transcend our lives and blow us away.

Throughout the years, I’ve gained an unusual fetish for famous quotes and whenever I hear or read quotes/quotable lines, I feel very vibrant and alive. In other words, it’s as if a switch inside me is turned on and I am ready to face the different challenges in my life.

There are a thousand different quotes out there in the world and even you can come up with your own, but what separates the quotes that are able to impact lives to the quotes that are just shunned into the corner, is the ability of the quote to engage the reader and reach unchartered territory of humans, their heart and the feelings that are clasped deep down.

This series/segment of blog posts will contain write-ups regarding different quotes and lines that may come from famous people, movies, books, friends or even maybe an original quote/s from me that are worth mentioning and sharing to the world.  I will share why it was able to reach my inner feelings, and what it made me realize. This is something that I am doing not only for myself but also for the people out there who needs inspiration. Honestly, what better way to be inspired than by getting your quote-fix for the day by reading my posts in this segment.

It truly is mind-boggling how a few words put together can change our entire perspective about life but I’m not shocked anymore about the impact quotes are able to generate for like they say, “Great things come in small packages.”


Another Day, Another Chance, Another Memory – Day 2 of My Journey Through The BLOGOSPHERE

Another Day, Another Chance, Another Memory – Day 2 of My Journey Through The BLOGOSPHERE

January 24, 2013 = My Second Post in this Blog. Accomplishment Unlocked! Living life one day and one blog post at a time.

Recently, before I actually started this blog, I dug up a bit and used the ever so reliable search engine, Google, to find out the basics about blogging. Quite interestingly, I read how thousands of bloggers have tried to climb and conquer the “blogosphere,” only to bow down as quick as they started and see all their zealousness in the start go down the drain. They started with such zest and enthusiasm (just like what I’m feeling right now) only to hit a stone wall after a few days, weeks or months. Well, I’m not part of that thousands, I’m an outlier, who plans to capture every worth talking about moment in my life and every thought provoking idea or better yet, every mind blowing ideology I come up with by engraving it into this blog.

Why do I seem so ebullient about this blog? Well, you can call me weird or crazy, but when I finished writing my first blog post, I felt so empowered, as if I just accomplished an amazing feat. Believe it or not, but that’s actually an understatement of how I felt, especially when just a while ago, I saw that two viewers actually liked my post. I don’t know how the human brain functions and I’m not really good in psychology, but I definitely felt a spark of joy when I saw that somebody actually read and appreciated my first blog post.

Besides what I’ve already previously mentioned, another reason I plan to write as frequently as I can is that, so many different things have been happening in my life right now, may it be good or bad. I want to use this blog as an outlet of mine to be able to express my thoughts and feelings regarding these things. Aside from that, I know how small the world can be especially during this day and age, and it’s highly probable that someone out there has or had a similar situation. With the rise of social networking sites like twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, and other sites, it is a breeze to stay connected with  friends. It’s as simple as clicking a button, which I’m sure even toddlers can do.

This may seem shallow to some but being able to write something, even a 100 word essay maybe each and everyday makes me feel that my day is complete and makes me feel as though I was actually able to make something out of the day. Each and everyday is a blessing and an opportunity to develop and grow as a person. These blog posts may not seem like much right now, but I know, in the near future, when I look back, these posts will be priceless to me.

I truly want to make the most out of my life and I know that writing in this blog about even the simplest of things will help me appreciate even the most minute detail of such a wonderful gift, the gift of life. I could go on and on about a thousand more reasons as to why I’m writing on this blog, but I would probably reach the word limit (if there is one) or bore you readers to death or maybe get you too emotional that you wouldn’t come back to my blog. Actually, those aren’t the real reasons why I’m signing off even if I still want to write about a million other things. The truth is, I am your typical, but not so ordinary student, so I have a life to live to, but don’t fret, I will be back and look out for my future posts that will surely go deeper than the surface.